Secretariat of the Kurdistan Human Rights Organization


Mohammad Sadiq Kabudvand has been active preaching, recounting, informing and defending human rights values recognized by the UN member states for more than a decade.


Despite the widespread boycott of Kurdistan, discrimination, racial and religious apartheid, he was able to establish human rights organization in Kurdistan and Iran for the first time. An organization that is capable of defending human rights and fundamental freedoms of Kurdish people peacefully. The organization has tried hard to defend equality between men and women, to resist against discrimination among Iranian ethnic groups and people, to achieve basic rights, political freedoms and civil liberties for all Iranian citizens.


Kaboudvand is an independent activist who did not have the support of the political groups for his activities in most cases. His efforts to realize human rights goals and his humanitarian activities, however, will certainly be recorded in the history.


A major part of his activities has focused not only on the 40 million Kurdish population which have been suppressed and sunbjected to repression, cultural, political and economic apartheid but also on the suppressed nations all over the world and their rights to be recognized and respected.


As Kaboudvand himself says; “he defends human rights and universal values untill his death, and he will never end his fight against apartheid, inequality between men and women and discriminations of nations and ethnic groups even in the prison”.


The Human Rights Organization of Kurdistan believe that Kaboudvand who devoted many years of his life to defending human rights and human dignity, desrves the Nobel Peace Prize 2011 and hence invites all Iranian human rights defenders and freedom seeking people all over the world to support the Kaboudvand

Family’s effort nominating Kaboudvand for the Nobel Peace Prize 2011.



"Kurdistan Human Rights Organization"


Monday, January 3rd, 2011