To the Nobel Peace Prize Committee and the International Organizations

To: The Nobel Peace Prize Committee and the International Organizations


Subject: Nominating Mohamed Sadigh Kaboudvand an imprisoned journalist, human rights defender and founder of Kurdistan Human Rights Organization for the Nobel Peace Prize 2011.


The Nobel Peace Prize 2010 has been awarded to Liu Xiaobo and that was an important point in the history of Nobel Peace Prize. His profile is very similar to the profile of Mohammad Sedigh Kaboudvand who is currently serving an eleven year sentence in Iran’s notorious Evin prison while Liu Xiaobo is experiencing a similar situation of eleven years of imprisonment in China. The most important similarity, however, is their long and non-violent struggle for fundamental human rights and democracy.

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Statement of Secretariat of the Kurdistan Human Rights Organization

Secretariat of the Kurdistan Human Rights Organization


Mohammad Sadiq Kabudvand has been active preaching, recounting, informing and defending human rights values recognized by the UN member states for more than a decade.


Despite the widespread boycott of Kurdistan, discrimination, racial and religious apartheid, he was able to establish human rights organization in Kurdistan and Iran for the first time. An organization that is capable of defending human rights and fundamental freedoms of Kurdish people peacefully. The organization has tried hard to defend equality between men and women, to resist against discrimination among Iranian ethnic groups and people, to achieve basic rights, political freedoms and civil liberties for all Iranian citizens. 

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Biography Mohammad Sadiq Kaboudvand

Mohammad Sadiq Kaboudvand is an imprisoned journalist, human rights defender and founder of the Kurdistan Human Rights Organization who is currently serving an 11 year sentence in Iran’s notorious Evin prison. To know more about him let’s go through his biography.


Mohammad Sadigh Kaboudvand was born on March 22nd, 1963 in Dyvandrh a small town near Sanandaj in Kurdistan province. He is the fourth child of a family of six children having two brothers and three sisters.


Mohammad Sadigh lost his father when he was 14 years old. He got married at the age of 20 and settled in Tehran since 1984. He has a daughter and two sons. His children are 26, 24 and 21 years old, university students studying respectively International law, Cinema and Literature.

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Physician: Kaboudvand’s disease is incurable


Kurdvand: The Kaboudvand Family’s database


As mention in the previous announcements, we have repeatedly requested Kaboudvand’s health problems to be investigated. With reference to our request, medical examiner has tried to check Kaboudvand’s medical records and subsequently inquired several physicians to provide more information about Kaboudvands diseases including acute prostate disease, cardiovascular disease and neurological complexities. But the medical examiner did not wait to receive the required reports before informing the prosecutors in September that Kaboudvand’s prostate diseases is treatable with appropriate facilities in the prison.


In December, however, Kidney and prostate specialist (Urology) announced that the treatment has been barren and Kaboudvand’s prostate disease can not be cured. The specialist announced that continued imprisonment is intolerable and damaging for Kaboudvand.


Taking into consideration the above mentioned information and especially the diagnose of prostate cancer which is very close to definite and possibly progressive, it is obvious that Kaboudvand’s life is on the serious risk in prison right now. Hence we as Kaboudvand’s family demand relevant judicial and security authorities of the Islamic Republic and the public conscience to help us to rescue the life of our dear imprisoned Kaboudvand.


Tuesday January 4th, 2011

Kaboudvand Family

Mohammad Sadegh Kaboudvand was awarded the International Journalist

Mohammad Sadegh Kaboudvand was awarded the International Journalist of the Year award at the The Press Gazette British Press Awards. Winning a British Press Award is seen as the crowning achievement of any journalist’s career – and just being shortlisted is to be set among the elite of the profession. International journalist of the year recognises the courage of an overseas journalist who has battled against oppression.


The category considered as one the Premier three awards of the evening was voted on by the entire academy of the British Press, comprising 100 senior journalists and media representatives. The other two Premier awards were Journalist of the Year and the Newspaper of the Year.

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